Soccer Club of Ridgefield, youth soccer in Western Connecticut

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TRAVEL FEES - Travel 2018

SCOR Travel Fees $575.00 

Please review the SCOR refund policy before registering.


The SCOR Travel Soccer Fall Season runs from the end of August through October.  
The SCOR Travel Soccer Spring Season runs from April through June. 
The game/practice schedule is generally as follows:

  • Practices - Tuesday & Thursday Afternoon  - Fields assignments are communicated through the team managers.  Practices for rainy days follow and alternating schedule on the artificial turf.  Times are adjusted in the Fall to address available light later in the season.
  • Games - League Games are typically scheduled on Sunday afternoons between noon and one hour before sunset and State Cup Games are typically scheduled on Saturdays.  However, games can be scheduled at other times as needed.
  • Tournaments - In the Fall, SCOR Travel teams participate in the SCOR sponsored tournament and one other optional away tournament decided upon by the team, coach and manager.  In the Spring SCOR travel teams have the option to participate in one away tournament.

GIRLS Travel Practice Schedule, TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS

Team Level Coach 4:30-6:15 6:00-7:45
U10  Black Symington ONALFO  
U10  Orange Symington   ONALFO
U11  Black Coelho DINIZ  
U11 Orange Coelho   DINIZ
U12 Black Schachter   DINIZ
U13 Black Schachter DINIZ  
U14 Black Charlery   DINIZ



BOYS Travel Practice Schedule, TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS

Team Level Coach 4:30-6:15 6:00-7:45
U10 Black Soares ONALFO  
U10 Orange Soares   ONALFO
U11 Black Chase ONALFO  
U11 Orange Chase   ONALFO
U12 Black Horrocks DINIZ  
U13 Black Charlery DINIZ  
U12/13 Orange Horrocks   DINIZ
U14 Silver Renouf ONALFO  
U14/15 Black Renouf   ONALFO
HS Black Tim M. ONALFO  



Grass Field Closing Alternatice Team Assignments

Team Level 4:30-6:15 6:00-7:45
U10 Boys
U10 Boys Orange TBD TBD
U11 Boys Black TBD TBD
U11 Boys Orange TBD TBD
U12 Boys Black TBD


U13 Boys Black TBD TBD
U12/13 Boys Orange TBD TBD
U14 Boys Silver TBD TBD
U14/15 Boys Black TBD TBD
U10 Girls Black TBD TBD
U10 Girls Orange TBD TBD
U11 Girls Black TBD TBD
U11 Girls Orange TBD TBD
U12 Girls Black TBD TBD
U13 Girls Black TBD TBD
U14 Girls Black TBD TBD